Anyone who googles where to go and what to see in Kuala Lumpur ends up landing on a list with Petaling Street on it.  It’s a bright, lively, bustling area full of shops and food stalls that at first glance looks like a ‘must visit’ here.  When I first moved to Kuala Lumpur I asked my local friends though and every single person told me to avoid it like that plague because it is a tourist trap.  And for the most part I 100% agree, unless you go at 7am and walk a gastronomic food tour path!  This is my Local Breakfast Insider Guide to Petaling Street.   Read More

Every time I walk into my neighbourhood convenience store I discover oodles and oodles of funky and weird Malaysian snacks that I’ve never seen before.  Well, today I’m trying 7 of them, including a drink I shot video of  in a vending machine on my 1st day in Malaysia in February 2016 that made me giggle because of its name.  The one snack that scared me the most I actually really liked.  And one that I thought was going to be sweet and nice was the one that made me have my first-ever spit take on video!
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It has been years since I’ve run contests via either of my blogs and I miss it … so I’m starting one tonight.  For me, contests are a way to say thanks to people engaged with me on social media, and a way for me to promote the businesses I love best in a fun way.  Except this time, instead of simply giving away free dinners I thought I would change things up!  I’m giving away free dinners + I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned blogging since 2011 and vlogging quite regularly for the past two years. Read More

11 October 2017 was International Girl Day. Back home in the USA girls and women fight for things like equal pay. Well, our sisters around the globe don’t always have it so easy. In India, only 11% of girls who are raped ever go on to lead ‘normal’ lives again. Almost ALL are blamed for the attack. Girls in rural areas are kicked out of the village and their family home and banished, so families can save face, while the men walk around with zero repercussions and able to do it all over again.

There is a group of very young (pre-teen – teenage) girls who started a group called Red Brigade Trust. They were all raped or victims of violence or acid attack and they are very brave. In India, girls don’t speak out about rape because that would bring shame on them and their family. But these brave girls do. If you can please donate even just $1 to their NGO they will use it to do good. Read More

You know how sometimes we can’t see what’s right under our noses? And as parents we don’t realise how quickly time passes until it’s too late? Well that was me. My little angel was the best thing to ever happen to me. She was my greatest joy and my deepest frustration, sometimes in quite equal doses! Her father and I divorced when she was just 1 year old and anyone who has done it can attest that being a single parent isn’t easy. Yet she made that life we shared a true joy and she always made me proud to be a single mom. Read More

Honestly, I had braced myself for a long ride!  I have been to countless POS offices (Malaysia’s federally-run Post Office) in Kuala Lumpur and while they are never frustrating, they are not quick experiences.  I seriously take reading material with me when I go.  This time I was equipped with my iPhone as entertainment and I was on a mission to send a ‘love box’ to my daughter at university in London. It’s a ritual of mine to send everything from almonds and knickers to beauty products and (this time) fun things like Hello Kitty slippers.  Well, I live around the corner from Petronas Twin Towers and Suria Mall and that is now my closest POS … so that’s where I went to send my package to the UK. Read More

This was a fabulous week in my world, discovering moon cakes after all these years in Asia … and finding SWEET passion fruit finally in Malaysia (woohoo!). Read More

Anyone who has visited or lived in India knows that there is one truth that must be embraced above all others >> that India is a land of contrasts. I lived there for about three years … and was subsequently blacklisted from the country like a terrorist or criminal for the next five years over a paperwork issue that they refused to correct. I’m on year four if they stick to the five year blacklisting and I’m looking forward to returning next year for a visit to see my friends and explore the country as a tourist for the first time. Read More

I’ve been a mega fan of road trips from the time I was a little girl and dad would drive us from Los Angeles to the Colorado River for week-long water skiing trips.  It was very fun!  Since then I’ve road tripped in Mexico (where I was shot at by bandits), solo in the Rocky Mountains, around a dozen countries in Europe with friends, and for a week alone in Tunisia just my daughter and I.  Now I’m going it solo again for the first time in my new home of Malaysia, from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands.

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In all the years I’ve been vlogging, this is my longest video, and for good reason. Malaysians LOVE foodie videos ;-). And given the popularity of street food and night market videos, and after about one year of eating from Malaysian food trucks at least every week … I thought it was time to share my Top 5 Best and Most Favourite Food Trucks at TAPAK here in Kuala Lumpur. These are my personal favourites that I visit over and over again here in KL.
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I moved to Barcelona the first time by accident. It was 1993, the year after their summer Olympic games and I had bought the cheapest one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Europe I could find, which happened to be Amsterdam. It was May and I had not packed well for Northern Europe so I was freezing my ass off! After two days of smoking everything possible in the cool cafes near the Red Light District, I took a train to Paris. Paris was too expensive, San Sebastian and Pamplona weren’t what I was looking for, and I ultimately ended up in a seaside village 25 minutes south of Barcelona called Sitges. Read More

The last time I remember being this light, this joyfully happy, this optimistic, and this positive was the summer of 2013. I can pinpoint triggers in my mind and there are precisely two to be exact. The first was in July when my daughter and I went on a very fun weeklong road trip in India before she moved away to head to uni in the UK. We drove the chauffer (not Shiva!) mad for hours-on-end singing our favourite songs from the 60s to 2000s, had wonderfully long talks that touched my heart, and shared special and dodgy moments adventuring around South India. The second was the next month when I flew back to the U.S. to renew my India visa and had a wild weekend with my brother and sister in San Francisco. It was indulgent, hilarious, and a bit naughty … everything you want from a reunion, right? Read More

After 18 months of living in Kuala Lumpur, I am so thrilled to have finally been invited to my very first Malay-Muslim wedding reception. Well, I had attended one last year for a short time but it was a spontaneous thing and I hadn’t actually known the couple (see that video here). This time, I’ve known the groom Kamal for close to a year and was wonderfully happy to meet his lovely bride Suhada and be able to take part in their lovely majlis bersanding. Read More

It’s wild how different Thai street food is compared to what I’ve known for the past 18 months here in Malaysia.  They’re super keen on literally ANYTHING on a stick it seems.  Spicy is better.  And there is huge pride in the freshness and quality by the hawker and food stall owners.  Come with me as I explore a night market in Phuket and some local hawker street food along the seafront at Panwa Beach.  I tried a few meats-on-a-stick that included a real first for me, chicken hearts!

Ohhhh and it was my first time being scammed by a night market vendor, that was not fun at all sadly.  It cost me all my night market shots from my video cam, so forgive me please that the beginning of the video is all selfie video and me, me, me!

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Ever since my daughter and I explored the cemetery island in Venice, Italy back in 2008 I’ve loved visiting cemeteries.  They are a beautiful and unique way to better understand a country or region and its culture.  That is certainly true for Malaysia, which I discovered first in Penang at a Protestant cemetery and now here in Kuala Lumpur at the Chinese Cemetery located right downtown (but feels a million kilometres away). Read More

Yum, yum, and double YUM!!!! What a lunch! As you’ll see I not only had a rockin’ time with friends old and new … I also dug into a brand new burger that was invented for Merdeka 2017 … and damn is it tasty! I was invited by my friend Razif Hashim to try this new deconstructed char kuey teow burger that has been created to combat the crazy nasi lemak burger 😉 Read More

I’ve been an expat most of my adult life, moving from country to country and along life’s path as it opened up to me. However, until this year I never identified as a Digital Nomad or being Location Independent. Pretty much because I wasn’t, even though most people in my life saw me that way. I’m a Californian and have worked in digital comms in Spain, India, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia for local start-ups. Never on assignment as a foreign worker for a large company and rarely working freelance. So sure, the past couple of decades I’ve lived a nomadic existence but I wasn’t location-independent. Read More

Kuala Lumpur Street Food knocked my socks off at lunch today with GOOEY YUMMY Moist Cake, check it out 🙂 Read More

HISTORY Con MY is going on this weekend in Kuala Lumpur and I just had a sneak peak at all the fun and antics you and your family can get up to there! Some of HISTORY Channels top celebrities are on hand, including Masterchef Australia judge Matt Preston who sat down for a one-on-one with me and talked … yep you guessed it … all about FASHION!!! It was very fun 😉 Read More

Malaysia is home to some of Asia’s most wonderful street and hawker food and Penang is the undisputed king when it comes to showcasing its bounty (at least in my opinion!). I’m in George Town at least every six to eight weeks and I always find time to spend an evening (or at least a very long meal) at Red Garden Food Paradise located next to The Edison and The Blue Mansion heritage hotels  Read More