From time to time I’m struck by an overwhelming nostalgia for the years I lived with my daughter in India.  I have written 100s of amazingly positive articles about what it was like to live in the country. The articles were 100% true and normally included thoughtful insight into how my own lifestyle was the opposite to what was deemed ‘correct’ in India but that I enjoyed learning about Indian culture.  Read More

It’s not often I feel lonely instead of just alone but tonight is one of those nights. I haven’t been in a proper relationship in years but it honestly never bothers me because I love my life and I don’t believe that a relationship would improve it. Tonight though, I question it all.

I’m sat on the luxury Paradise Elegance cruise ship in Halong Bay, Vietnam surrounded by happy couples, honeymooners, and groups enjoying the holiday. Me on the other hand … I’m trying hard to find a wifi signal and push out my 1st travel piece that I was supposed to upload yesterday for FEMALE Malaysia magazine! Read More

The very first video I launched was back in 2011 in India during my first hotel review. It was at a Taj property in Bangalore, horrible quality, but because no one else was launching video back then with property reviews it really helped me to have a blog that was different from all the others. In fact, was India’s very 1st luxury travel blog and #1 on Google for 5 years. Since then I slowly starting launching more videos … this one is my 221st! Read More

The streets of Hanoi filled up instantly when Vietnam beat Qatar in the Semi Final AFC U23 Match in China … and I was lucky enough to be there.  Check it out as fans share their passion and pride at the moment of the win!  You’ll see that at times the streets are so full that all traffic was at a standstill.

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Until recently I always had a good relationship with my daughter. I was not a perfect mom by any stretch of the imagination but I loved her with my whole heart and more than anyone else EVER in my life. I tried to make our life something special. Of course, being a single mom without child support money wasn’t anything I had ever dreamed of for myself but she was very much worth it. Read More

Although this is my 2nd New Year’s Eve in Kuala Lumpur, it’s the first time I ventured out to watch the fireworks at Petrons Twin Towers in downtown KLCC.  My expectations were quite low but honestly I had a great time.  Okay yeah, I stood in the wrong spot and I arrived so late I was in a horrible cattle call style queue where I was groped more times than I can count (a real first for me in Malaysia, I have never been groped here before tonight).  But all in all I had a fab time and would absolutely recommend this as the best place to see the fireworks in Kuala Lumpur.

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It’s a bit embarrassing to admit but when I first moved to Malaysia, I thought that a wet market was a floating market like you’d find in various countries around Southeast Asia and I tried to convince my friend Ramesh to visit one with me for a vlog.  He agreed but with a strange look in his eyes until he realised what I thought they were and then he was rolling with laughter … and it was pretty funny.  A wet market is simply a mercado or local market where individual vendors and farmers sell their produce, meats, flowers, and other goods.  The one that I recently explored is the oldest wet market in all of Kuala Lumpur, located in the central beating heart of Petaling Street.  Come with me for a quick tour of Penjaja Gallery Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, commonly known as Madras Lane.  You can buy live chickens there, pig heads (and every other part you’d want), oodles of fresh fish, and wildly exotic (to me) vegetables, and fruit.
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If you saw the video of my first Christmas Eve in Kuala Lumpur in 2016 you’ll know why I am so grateful to have experienced a fun, festive, and lovely Christmas dinner this year.  Unfortunately, once I started drinking (and eating) I forgot to keep shooting video but this is what Christmas Eve with friends looks like in Kuala Lumpur (at least the non-messy beginning bits!) 🎄🍾🎄🍾 Read More

2016 was my first Christmas in Kuala Lumpur and boy-oh-boy did it leave a lasting memory … one that I hope to never repeat again for the rest of my life.  I was supposed to be at dinner with my friend Ramesh and his group of amigos but where I was staying at the time in downtown KL made it impossible to catch a Grab, Uber, or taxi because of a parade that I didn’t know what happening.  So I spent the evening editing video at the start and then Skyping with my daughter until midnight.  Right at the stroke of midnight I set out for a bottle of wine and this is what happened…. Read More

The very first video I shot as a travel vlogger was in India in August 2011. Back then I was simply a blogger and travel writer and I had no idea the part that YouTube would play in my life to be honest. Nor that vlogging would turn into one of my favourite past times in life. Back then I shot video only for important hotel reviews with brands like Taj, Sheraton, and Alila and it was such good fun! Now I go live when I leave the cinema or find an amazing new street food vendor to share with the world! Read More

The number of vegans around the world is still growing, especially here in Malaysia. To give you an idea, Rise of the Vegan revealed that in the US alone, the lifestyle gained a 500% growth in population from 2014. They sourced a study conducted by GlobalData that showed the expansion of veganism. Ethical eating was the main reason for the massive growth with most people feeling compelled to eat environmentally sustainable food. Read More

I went to my first G.E.M. show back in January 2015, right before I started working for her music label Hummingbird Music and helping to setup her first USA and UK tour.  A lot has changed since then and it was wonderful to watch G.E.M. perform this time in Kuala Lumpur, see her and the Hummingbird crew backstage after the show, and interview her for my first feature article in Malaysia (for the March 2018 issue of Esquire Malaysia). Read More

Anyone who googles where to go and what to see in Kuala Lumpur ends up landing on a list with Petaling Street on it.  It’s a bright, lively, bustling area full of shops and food stalls that at first glance looks like a ‘must visit’ here.  When I first moved to Kuala Lumpur I asked my local friends though and every single person told me to avoid it like that plague because it is a tourist trap.  And for the most part I 100% agree, unless you go at 7am and walk a gastronomic food tour path!  This is my Local Breakfast Insider Guide to Petaling Street.   Read More

Every time I walk into my neighbourhood convenience store I discover oodles and oodles of funky and weird Malaysian snacks that I’ve never seen before.  Well, today I’m trying 7 of them, including a drink I shot video of  in a vending machine on my 1st day in Malaysia in February 2016 that made me giggle because of its name.  The one snack that scared me the most I actually really liked.  And one that I thought was going to be sweet and nice was the one that made me have my first-ever spit take on video!
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It has been years since I’ve run contests via either of my blogs and I miss it … so I’m starting one tonight.  For me, contests are a way to say thanks to people engaged with me on social media, and a way for me to promote the businesses I love best in a fun way.  Except this time, instead of simply giving away free dinners I thought I would change things up!  I’m giving away free dinners + I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned blogging since 2011 and vlogging quite regularly for the past two years. Read More

11 October 2017 was International Girl Day. Back home in the USA girls and women fight for things like equal pay. Well, our sisters around the globe don’t always have it so easy. In India, only 11% of girls who are raped ever go on to lead ‘normal’ lives again. Almost ALL are blamed for the attack. Girls in rural areas are kicked out of the village and their family home and banished, so families can save face, while the men walk around with zero repercussions and able to do it all over again.

There is a group of very young (pre-teen – teenage) girls who started a group called Red Brigade Trust. They were all raped or victims of violence or acid attack and they are very brave. In India, girls don’t speak out about rape because that would bring shame on them and their family. But these brave girls do. If you can please donate even just $1 to their NGO they will use it to do good. Read More

You know how sometimes we can’t see what’s right under our noses? And as parents we don’t realise how quickly time passes until it’s too late? Well that was me. My little angel was the best thing to ever happen to me. She was my greatest joy and my deepest frustration, sometimes in quite equal doses! Her father and I divorced when she was just 1 year old and anyone who has done it can attest that being a single parent isn’t easy. Yet she made that life we shared a true joy and she always made me proud to be a single mom. Read More

Honestly, I had braced myself for a long ride!  I have been to countless POS offices (Malaysia’s federally-run Post Office) in Kuala Lumpur and while they are never frustrating, they are not quick experiences.  I seriously take reading material with me when I go.  This time I was equipped with my iPhone as entertainment and I was on a mission to send a ‘love box’ to my daughter at university in London. It’s a ritual of mine to send everything from almonds and knickers to beauty products and (this time) fun things like Hello Kitty slippers.  Well, I live around the corner from Petronas Twin Towers and Suria Mall and that is now my closest POS … so that’s where I went to send my package to the UK. Read More

This was a fabulous week in my world, discovering moon cakes after all these years in Asia … and finding SWEET passion fruit finally in Malaysia (woohoo!). Read More

Anyone who has visited or lived in India knows that there is one truth that must be embraced above all others >> that India is a land of contrasts. I lived there for about three years … and was subsequently blacklisted from the country like a terrorist or criminal for the next five years over a paperwork issue that they refused to correct. I’m on year four if they stick to the five year blacklisting and I’m looking forward to returning next year for a visit to see my friends and explore the country as a tourist for the first time. Read More