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Photos of the Best and Worst Restrooms in Bangalore Restaurants: “Go” In Style!

Photos of the Best and Worst Restrooms in Bangalore Restaurants: “Go” In Style!

Believe it or not, I have a thing for restrooms.  Not like a fetish or an obsession, and not like restrooms get me all hot and bothered, but the diversity of restrooms and toilets around the world is something that makes me smile – or in some cases cringe!  My worst experience so far has been in Tunisia and I think I have found my favourite here in Bangalore!  I know nothing about interior design or plumbing but I have traveled around 22 countries so far so I can certainly say that I have seen my fair share of loos.

I wasn’t expecting anything but western toilets here in India.  In fact, it never really occurred to me that I would run into squatty toilets in India but they are alive and well and a part of my occasional life here.  The first one I ran into was at a truck stop on my Bangalore to Chennai road trip to collect my cats from the airport (read that fun adventure here, complete with monkeys, seeing some truckers’ naked ass, and more!).  Let me tell you, slippery leather-soled sandals made that first visit to the squatty toilet a bit more awkward that in should really have been.  But it was pretty fun just because it was so foreign and so different for me.

Since then I have only ran into squatty toilets a couple of times around town here in Bangalore.  Let’s see, there was one in the parking garage of the Embassy Habitat building where a friend lives, in New Krishna Nagar where I learned to cook masala dosa (read here) and a couple of other older buildings in town.  To be honest, I am really happy about that too because I still haven’t quite figured out the trick that Indian women do with the bucket and pitcher of water…and –not to be too graphic—but I certainly haven’t figured out how you instantly dry with no toilet paper after using the bucket and pitcher of water!  Ladies, please feel free to comment and share your tips on that!  So, yeah, bring on the western toilet and toilet roll 🙂

Now I feel slightly bad for doing this because I love the restaurant and bar.  Yet when I first walked in and saw the restroom of 100 Feet Restaurant, on 100 Feet Road in Indira Nagar in Bangalore, I had to stop and giggle.  It’s not a restroom or a toilet at all.  It’s actually a proper bathroom!  Obviously 100 Feet Restaurant was converted and built out from an old home or set of flats because their loo still hosts a bathtub and everything!  In fact, after another couple of glasses of wine and on my 2nd visit in, I was tempted to put on some candles, a little mood music, fill the tub and get in!  I mean, I had a glass of nice red wine already so it would have been the perfect bubble bath scene.  Well, sans the queue of annoyed patrons outside but you know what I mean.  ((As a side note: they have the BEST battered Kalamata olive appetizer I have ever tasted, you have to try it.  And an amazing wine list!!))

I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about the round hole where our girl bits should be but I do like the sign outside the girl’s restroom at Fireflies…made me laugh!

My favourite restroom so far in Bangalore – and maybe anywhere – is at OKO restaurant and lounge, located on the rooftop of Hotel Lalit Ashok on Palace Road.  The venue is amazing, like a Thai lounge bar with tons of comfy beds and seating.  The food is also amazing…but the restroom is the BEST, I swear.  First, it is almost completely round, with a huge amount of space inside and floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall – something we ladies can’t get enough of in most restrooms!  It has floor-to-ceiling windows across the largest main wall with a lovely view of Bangalore.  The wash basins are inside of tiny alcoves so you have your own space and mirror.  And there are even two funky chairs that look like something Tim Burton created for one of his films.  The floor tiles are fantastic, the finishings are funky… yeah, yeah, yeah – I love OKO!

One of the other things I really like here in Bangalore are the funky signs that some bars and restaurants place outside the Boys and Girls doors so you don’t walk in through the wrong door and embarrass yourself.  I don’t know why more establishments don’t do this as it is a really fun and creative way to extend the brand of the restaurant or bar but oh well.  A couple of my favourites are at Fireflies (lovely spot for a drink!) who use illustrations of a boy and girl.  The boy has two round dots where his boy bits should be and there is a thought bubble that says Football… and the girl has just one dot where the girl bits should be and her thought bubble says Shopping!  The signs at OKO are probably my favourite as they are tremendously elegant…they use carved wooden old fashioned shoes to differentiate the doors.

XOXO from Bangalore

© Angela Carson and Angela’s Adventures in Bangalore blog and photos, 2011

Angela Carson
Angela Carson

At 21 I left uni, jumped into my Jeep Wrangler, and drove from my native California to live an adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I’ve explored 37 countries on 4 continents, residing in 8 of them (currently Indonesia’s Riau Islands is my home). I even have a private pilot’s license and was shot at once by bandits!

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  1. Apar Dham
    27/07/2011 / 01:51

    Hey Angela, I was smiling all the time while reading this supremely interesting post. It is amazing how you can write about restrooms and still not sound … well u know what I mean! :-p Great job!
    I find these funky signs on the restroom doors of Bangalore bars very innovative and creative too. I could not believe that there is actually someone else like me who pays attention to these things. You went ahead and wrote an entire blog post about it! ha ha ha
    The first time I came across something like that was at Opus on Palace Cross Road! So I suggest you make your next trip there. The words outside their restroom doors are quite amusing too! Let me know what you think of them.

    BTW, did you get my email? Tc 🙂

    • 28/07/2011 / 09:33

      hehe, thanks for the comment. I have been to Opus, and I went to the loo but can’t remember much, though it was an after party there so that would explain the memory thing 🙂 Yes, received mail, sorry, just catching up on mails and replying to comments now, quite late. Thanks so much. Cheers, angela

  2. 27/07/2011 / 02:24

    Dearest Angela,
    I have wanted to post for weeks, if not a month, and this specific blog… forced my hand (actually fingers). My BFF, Charlene Varela Tubbs introduced your blog to me about 6-8 weeks ago. She spoke so highly of you… “tall, vivacious blonde!” She says the same things about me… except, she adds the word “big.”

    So, Charlene, my husband and I are planning our trip to India for Thanksgiving 2012. I would love the opportunity to meet up with you … treat you to dinner… in any one of the many fabulous places you write about. Bangalore will definitely be a big stop for us… as we have several time share-hotels to choose from there… and besides, you are there. So, thank you for your fun, inspiring, witty, and at times, dramatic blogs of your life~defining adventures in Bangalore. Thank you for sharing with those of us who have more “routine” places to live. I took a trip with Charlene in 2009 to Egypt… it transformed my be-ing… and travel has always been a huge pull. I envy the journey you have chosen.

    I always am so excited when my email tells me you have a new post! Thank you so much! I hope that we get to connect and eventually meet.


    • 28/07/2011 / 09:31

      Hi Tracy, thanks for your generous compliments! Wow, love that friends of friends from Cali are keeping up on my little adventures in India…so cool. I really look forward to meeting you, although I am not sure how great a tour guide I will be as I haven’t really done much sightseeing …but by 2012 I will sort that out for you all 🙂 xoxoxo

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