Celebrating Romance in India This Valentine’s Day: Is Feb 14th For Everyone?

Last year was my first Valentine’s Day in India and it was a pretty interesting thing to behold.  angelas-bangalore-valentines-day-what-to-do-restaurant-romance-hotel-package-rewindThere were parties and a few dinner invites I saw but not really that much was happening around town – at least compared to this year.  At my daughter’s school – a top International school here in Bangalore – the students could buy a fresh flower and have it sent to any boy or girl at school with a signed note, which is something done at schools in many western countries.  And there were also protests by Indian parents who were (and I’m sure still are) against Valentine’s Day becoming a ‘thing’ in India and wanted to change it to be Parent’s Day!  Now, I understand why they protested it but the marketing professional in me feels they should have been a bit more creative to make it cooler for teens to accept it.  Come one, from love and romance to ‘parent’s day’ is quite a stretch.

angelas-bangalore-valentines-day-what-to-do-restaurant-romance-hotel-package-hbricklaneAll in all it was quite a fun day of diverse thoughts and diverse ideas about the holiday itself and the affects it has or will have on Indian society I wrote all about it last year when my driver Shiva helped to shine a light on how people outside my circles view it and the differences really are interesting.

Well, this year I have noticed a huge jump in the hype for Valentine’s Day – at least in Bangalore.  From rock and roll bars like REWIND creating something special for couples, to literally every other restaurant, club and hotel in town putting a Romance Package together … Bangalore is a haven for loved-up couples and star-crossed lovers tomorrow.  So I’m guessing that Parent’s Day didn’t win out in the end.

angelas-bangalore-valentines-day-what-to-do-restaurant-romance-hotel-package-movenpickAs for me personally, I will opt out from watching loved-up couples looking cute and will stay in tomorrow, but I guarantee you that I AM looking forward to reading all the protests again and hearing Shiva tell me what he’s heard through the grapevine.  It truly is fascinating to me because the mindset is so very new and different … so there may be a part 2 to this blog!

As far as my favourite places and the best Romance Deals I’ve discovered over the past week, well I’ve added them here: BANGALORE VALENTINE’S DAY PACKAGES!

XOXO Angela

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