Kuala Lumpur Expat Life: Finally Snapped the Perfect Petronas Towers Photo

After 8 months of calling Kuala Lumpur my home, I finally have the perfect shot of Petronas Towers. This was taken about 10 days ago on my 46th birthday with my fabulous Aussie mate Lukas (who I was thrilled was in KL) and it really is THE PERFECT SPOT.

TIP: This shot is really easy to replicate, when you know where to find this little hidden spot that seems to be a well-kept secret. I’m not going to show you where, because I learned from the fabulous budget travel blogger PsychoTraveller and her video is perfect, check it out (queued up to start at the right spot): https://youtu.be/bKQCmoCicOA?t=6m29s

XOXO Angela

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