So Fun! Only Westerner at Malacca Local Night Market Pasar Malam Malim Jaya

So Fun! Only Westerner at Malacca Local Night Market Pasar Malam Malim Jaya

When it comes to street food in Malacca, all I’ve ever really heard about was the Jonker Street Night Market.  It’s a super lively and memorable adventure, but it has felt quite touristy the couple of times I’ve been there, so not reaaaaaly my thing.  So now that I’ve discovered the Pasar Malam Malim Jaya night market, I hope to convince everyone (yes, yes of course that means YOU!) to plan their Malacca trip around it because it is fabulous and hella-fun!

This non-stop food-fest is home to some of the warmest and most joyful vendors that I’ve ever come across at any night market in Malaysia.  There is a mix of street food, fresh food shopping that includes amazing treats like live crab and organic produce, and of course some straight up consumerism shopping.  I gobbled up so much food (mostly sweet treats if I’m being completely honest) that I couldn’t eat the next day until mid-afternoon!

I was staying at the very cool ‘industrial glam’ boutique hotel White Loft, which is located directly on one of the main night market streets.  It was perfect 🙂

Don’t miss this amazing night market.  I was LITERALLY the only westerner there, which really enhanced the feeling of living a ‘local experience’ while in Malacca.

XOXO Angela

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