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It has been years since I’ve run contests via either of my blogs and I miss it … so I’m starting one tonight.  For me, contests are a way to say thanks to people engaged with me on social media, and a way for me to promote the businesses I love best in a fun way.  Except this time, instead of simply giving away free dinners I thought I would change things up!  follow site I’m giving away free dinners + I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned blogging since 2011 and vlogging quite regularly for the past two years.

What You Win

I’ll choose 2 winners at random and we’ll pick a night that works for all 3 of us.  Get Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) to buy We will be at Crab Factory in PJ (it’s my friend’s restaurant, check out my recent video!), feasting on crab, jumbo shrimp, clams, squid, and so much more!  First we’ll eat and have a fun and peppy chat.  Then we’ll wash our hands (watch the video review, you’ll understand why!), then you can fire away with as many questions as you have until Crab Factory closes!

A quick note!  The dinner is just for the 2 winners + me so if you’re not comfortable dining alone without your partner or a friend, this won’t be the right fit for you, I hope you understand. Oh, and a side note about Crab Factory for all my Muslim mates out there: Crab Factory’s meats are all from Halal suppliers, they are pork-free and the kitchen is headed by a muslim chef. Oh, and they only sell bottled beers.

How To Win

IMPORTANT >> you must be a current and active blogger or YouTuber to enter 🙂

  1. go to site Subscribe to my Expat Angela YouTube channel
  2. Like Crab Factory’s Facebook page
  3. Leave a comment on YouTube (on this video) or below with either your YouTube channel or blog URL
  4. DEADLINE is midnight Saturday night 11-November

XOXO Angela

What I vlogged with for this video

Leica V-Lux Camera with 4K video and 25 – 400mm zoom

RODE VIDEOMIC GO lightweight on-camera microphone

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