My Spicy Birthday Party @ Crab Factory with Maria Tunku Sabri in Kuala Lumpur (with a special message for all Malaysians)

My good friend Teresa messaged yesterday to say that I’d better do something fabulous enough for my birthday that I could blog about it … and it turns out I really, really did!  This is the very first birthday I’m spending in Malaysia.  Fingers crossed it is the first of many to come.  I turned 46 yesterday and had a BLAST doing it.  My new friend Maria Tunku Sabri (a celeb in Malaysia who pioneered the country’s cooking shows on TV) had invited me to try the Crab Factory with her and a few work mates, the date it turned out was my special day, and it was perfect.  I spent hours laughing and talking about holidays, culinary adventures, and straight up FOOD with the owner T.Y., Maria, and four more of TV3s sweetest TV presenters.

In the end, it felt like a real party because they sang and brought out a cake for me and genuinely made me feel so welcomed and so warm.  It’s a birthday I’ll remember for years to come.

NOW, with respect to Crab Factory, you must try it!  That was some of the freshest and tastiest seafood I’ve eaten in KL.  Their menu is diverse and 100% delicious.  For more information check out their website, and be sure to LIKE and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

TIP: Don’t miss the Death Valley spicy level for a memorable KICK to your meal.  It was hella-hot but absolutely yum yum yummmmmy!

I hope you’ll watch the video.  I share some personal moments, almost cry, and speak directly to the inviting people of Malaysia.

XOXO Angela

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