Depression, dating, relocating … when it comes to the 19 years I’ve been an expat in Mexico, Spain, India, China, Hong Kong, and now Malaysia, it’s safe to say I’ve made more mistakes than good choices!  And sure, from time to time I wish my expat life was different but the funny is that I NEVER wish I could go back to my old life in California.  This isn’t a lifestyle for me, it’s just my life … and I want to start sharing more on what you…

Today I ran across a post by an award-winning travel writer sharing tips on how to get lost on purpose that triggered a slew of memories. It was almost like one of those end-of-life flashbacks in films, with distinct scenes from some of my favourite trips from the past 15’ish years instantly playing in my mind. Some were snapshots of amazing monuments when they first came into view, while others were unforgettable and special experiences or moments in time.

angela carson, single mom in morocco

That photo above always transports me back to Marrakech and makes me smile because my daughter took it when we spent Christmas and New Year in Morocco 5 years ago. Travelling is a huge passion of mine (I’m now living in my 6th country, and have travelled around 31 countries) and my daughter and I had a lot of fun adventuring around different countries together…although life wasn’t always easy or financially secure. Yet somehow, that spirit to explore…that feeling of wanderlust…was always there no matter what.  

We all have a past. Sure they range from fantastic to tragic to inspiring or even painfully heart-breaking but we all have one. Depending on the situation, our history can be summed up in either short- or long-tail form regardless if we are talking about who we are, where we’re from or what we do.

You’ll have to forgive me here from the beginning. What started a couple of weeks ago as a post about simply being grateful has turned into a melting pot of emotions. As I’m sure you know, this month marked the 70th year since the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, killing around 200,000 civilians and injuring another 70,000 (many of whom died from complications later). While I was sharing the idea for this blog post with an American mate back in the U.S., his gut reaction comment was, ‘We…

In April, 2012 I completed one year in India.  Welcome to #2 in a series of articles recounting how life has really been for me in Bangalore. 

I had been living in Spain for 7+ years when I was laid off from my job along with my entire team (save one) and half the company back in May, 2010. 

For the past three weeks I have been in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, fixing my employment visa for India following my change in jobs (read about that here).  Spain has been my place of residence and home for the eight years immediately prior to my move to Bangalore five months ago.

When the economy tanked in Spain and half of our company was laid off in one week back in 2010, the first thing I did was to declare to my friends and family that I wanted to take on a new adventure. Barcelona is fabulous but after living there for eight years – longer than any other place since my childhood – I longed for something exotic and different.

Wow, although it’s only been 3 days it feels great to be writing again.  I had some crazy stomach bug or food poisoning that hit me so I was off the grid for a couple of days.

So imagine this job interview scenario.  I had just flown 12 hours from Barcelona through Qatar to arrive in Bangalore in the middle of the night.  The first day of my interview was perfect, the other execs and team members are gracious, warm and very funny.

I am writing my first-ever blog post from a hotel room in Bangalore, having arrived only earlier today ready to start living this new adventure of my life.