Taken the day I spent an afternoon working at a typical Indian restaurant!  This is my quick lesson on how to make a masala dosa… from the cook at New Krishna Sagar in Bangalore, India.

Ever since my friend TT took me to the Airlines Hotel in Bangalore for my first masala dosa I have been coo coo for masala dosas.

When my mate TT suggested that we hire a taxi to “go to a restaurant that is quite far away to go eat breakfast in the car” I wasn’t completely convinced about this great plan but it was something different to do so…bring it on!

I will never forget my first meal in India.  It was on a Sunday night back in March and I had flown into Bangalore for my job interview.  The President, Head of Ops and our Head of Sales for India all took me out for dinner.  Upon my request they selected an Indian restaurant, and when we walked in I could see that I was the only foreigner in the place.