My birthday is coming up on the 18th and that’s always cause for reflection by anyone. We reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months, on where we are with our career and often on what’s going on with our romantic life. So here I am, sat on a flight from NYC to SFO watching the film Moulin Rouge, which is pulling at my romantic heartstrings and making me wonder…is ENOUGH enough? Should I end the lifestyle I’ve been leading and start to think about the…

I had been living in Spain for 7+ years when I was laid off from my job along with my entire team (save one) and half the company back in May, 2010. 

Months ago a reader of my blog suggested that I write an article about the ever-common belly that so many men sport here in India. At the time I really wasn’t comfortable with even the idea of it because it felt like I would be poking fun at or picking on only a certain subset of half of India.

Ahhh LinkedIn.  Where would the professional world be without it? I have landed two different jobs from it.  Generated tons of business contacts and direct meetings with the “right” people through it.  Promoted events and services and new product launches.  J’adore LinkedIn!