IPL6 is on like Donkey Kong and I am thrilled to be more involved this season than last.  Thanks to the overwhelming support of the first article I wrote about the IPL cheerleaders last year to dispel the myths and negative rumours surrounding them, many new opportunities have opened up for me and I’m having a BLAST with IPL this year.  It seems that people appreciated reading the real stories of the lives of these girls and that not everyone wants to see naughty or flirty pics of…

Where I’m from, cheerleading is a sport.  All across the U.S. there are hundreds of thousands of cheerleaders ready to pep up and kick-start any event, starting from as young as around 5 years old.  When we lived in San Diego, California and my daughter was six and seven she was a cheerleader for a Pop Warner football team, which consisted of little boys ages six to eight playing American football.

Last weekend I was at a party and due to a misunderstanding I was involved in a bit of a ruckus.  Well, okay, to be perfectly honest I sort of started the ruckus

So last night I was chatting with a friend and telling him about my day, which included my first trip to the M.Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium here in Bangalore for a couple of meetings with the KSCA to discuss the KPL.  The stadium is fantastic, as are the guys who run the association.  Somehow we started talking about how, in general, women find cricket players extremely attractive, if not more attractive than other guys.