Kuala Lumpur Street Food knocked my socks off at lunch today with GOOEY YUMMY Moist Cake, check it out 🙂

It was bound to happen sooner or later … I hated my Malaysian street food I picked out for lunch! It’s my own fault because I love going to street food stalls, carts, and food trucks and (boldly) ordering without knowing what exactly that something I’m ordering actually is (I’ve done that at every night market and LOVED it normally).  But today was a huge, fishy disaster!! I just couldn’t eat it 🙁

After travelling all around and now living in Malaysia for the past 1 year, I have finally tried the decadently naughty fried street food truck just a short walk from Petronas Tower and DAMN it was tasty!  Check it out, sweet and savoury treats for any palette, and not at all spicy really (which surprised me). This is Kairol’s truck, just off Jalan Ampang in Hampshire Park, the new neighbourhood I just moved into and am already feeling very much at home.

Heyyyy KL, are you interested in shooting fun street food videos or maybe starting up your own blog or YouTube channel?  Well, I’m teaching my first masterclass on the art of food vlogging at TAPAK and I’d love for you to attend.  I’m doing this with my friends Maria Tunku Sabri, the gorgeous pioneer food channel tv presenter, and the charming and hilarious Razif Hashim … and our goal is that you walk away with MAD SKILLS to be an awesome food blogger, food vlogger, or TV show presenter.  Woohoooo!