After 8 months of calling Kuala Lumpur my home, I finally have the perfect shot of Petronas Towers. This was taken about 10 days ago on my 46th birthday with my fabulous Aussie mate Lukas (who I was thrilled was in KL) and it really is THE PERFECT SPOT.

Looking for a truly ‘local’ experience in Kuala Lumpur? Then definitely check out Raj’s Banana Leaf for breakfast on the weekend. It is multi-cultural fabulousness at its best with ladies in sarees, folks in workout gear with crazy blingy gold sunglasses, urban hipsters with man buns and beards, westerners, and so much more.  The food and chai are very yummy to boot! And everything you see in the video came to a total of 20 Ringgits (the equivalent of $4.90 USD)!!! Amazing.

Whether it was the mercado in Spain, street vendors in India or the everyday grocery stores in Asia, there has always been something about shopping for that first home-cooked meal in a new country that is so truly memorable …. and today was that wonderful day again! I’ve just moved to Malaysia for a new job and it turns out that buying healthy food in Kuala Lumpur is very inexpensive, even when it’s organic vegetables and live fish.