By the time my daughter finished up the final term of her iGCSEs and enjoyed her summer break on the beach in Barcelona in 2011, the cats and I had been settled into life in Bangalore for over four months.

In April, 2012 I completed one year in India.  Welcome to #2 in a series of articles recounting how life has really been for me in Bangalore. 

Okay, I might be lying just a bit.  I think we both know I didn’t lose my mojo.  I just like the sound of the word, and it always reminds me of Austin Powers so therefore it makes me smile.

Even when times are hard for me, I know very well that I’ve had it damn good all my life.  It’s easy to bitch and moan about things that aren’t going the way we expected in our lives and generally speaking I think everyone does it.

When the economy tanked in Spain and half of our company was laid off in one week back in 2010, the first thing I did was to declare to my friends and family that I wanted to take on a new adventure. Barcelona is fabulous but after living there for eight years – longer than any other place since my childhood – I longed for something exotic and different.

I am writing my first-ever blog post from a hotel room in Bangalore, having arrived only earlier today ready to start living this new adventure of my life.