Note from Angela: I find the writer’s references to Bollywood films interesting and her manner of conveying her own negative experiences to be without any hint of self pity.  She is a friend of mine and she conveys the facts and her feelings beautifully.}

The village where I lived for 10 years before moving to Bangalore has a few ‘town drunks’ like any town in any country in the world.  They were harmless, generally sweet guys who just drank a freakin’ lot.

The past 10 days in India have been interesting to behold.  A horrific attack on December 16th in Delhi left a young, innocent physiotherapy student fighting for her life for two weeks only to die needlessly after being gang raped on a moving bus by six men – and then by a rusted metal rod.

Every time that a man thinks he can touch me without permission, for his amusement, for “fun” … it astounds me.  First, I wonder what kind of depraved LOSER is the guy that needs to cop a feel of my body to get his jollies.  Honestly!  What is it with some Indian men?  It’s as if they are animals with no self-control, no education and certainly no respect for women!!! 

Ever since moving to Bangalore three months ago I’ve seen that there are really so many ways to measure personal safety and security.  And each city is unique.