I went to my first G.E.M. show back in January 2015, right before I started working for her music label Hummingbird Music and helping to setup her first USA and UK tour.  A lot has changed since then and it was wonderful to watch G.E.M. perform this time in Kuala Lumpur, see her and the Hummingbird crew backstage after the show, and interview her for my first feature article in Malaysia (for the March 2018 issue of Esquire Malaysia).

Wanna see what fast food looks like in Malaysia? And exactly what USD $1.50 / 7 Ringgits will buy you in Kuala Lumpur? Well, this nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah is a hell of a lot healthier and yummier than what $1.50 would buy you in L.A. or San Francisco that’s for sure 😉 And not only is the food fresh and absolutely tasty but the packaging is eco-friendly and it is the perfect amount so we don’t overeat.