In middle class America, most teenage kids look forward to starting our first “real jobs” when we turn 16 (the legal age for employment in the U.S.). 

In April, 2012 I completed one year in India.  Welcome to #1 in a series of articles recounting how life has really been for me in Bangalore. 

“Angela, come with me, I want a photo,” said one of the executives at work today.  It was Sari & Kurta Day at work and I was dressed in a sand coloured sari with purple accents, my hair was pinned up and I was properly adorned with a bindi. 

I had been living in Spain for 7+ years when I was laid off from my job along with my entire team (save one) and half the company back in May, 2010. 

I still remember my first day at work in Bangalore like it was yesterday.  My new job started – as they should for some reason – on a Monday and I had moved to the country with three suitcases and into a hotel only the day before. 

When the economy tanked in Spain and half of our company was laid off in one week back in 2010, the first thing I did was to declare to my friends and family that I wanted to take on a new adventure. Barcelona is fabulous but after living there for eight years – longer than any other place since my childhood – I longed for something exotic and different.

Who would have thought that eating lunch would be such a unique adventure here in India.  This time I’m not talking about the food…I am talking about basically every single piece of the lunch pie ASIDE from the actual food itself. 

Bob Marley is in Bangalore.  Okay, so Bob Marley isn’t really in Bangalore.  But he is singing to me right now at a rather dark yet somehow un-seedy bar